Since 2015, we have led the effort to protect nearly 110 million patients across the United States. We have been at the forefront of nearly every major event advocating the responsible adult use.


Our Mission

To help educate and engage the patient population to the vast amounts of treatment that this plant can bring to all ages. From the critically ill, to chronically diseased and those with mental health issues and those fighting addiction. Our education initiatives include furry animals and fun solutions to affordable housing materials, plant soils and ways to take medication. We also help voters who pay taxes, to be empowered with that information to protect their own health and that of their loved ones.

Medical plants has helped my son. He no longer has 300 seizures a day and is able to live a normal life. He has friends, does well in school and all while using prescribed.
— Jaine Smith, Nurse & Mother in Florida


  • By working regionally in various states with our conferences.

  • Seeking the most qualified professionals to educate others on the medical benefits.

  • Pain Management Awareness

  • Education awareness regarding the side effects.

  • Teaching about the use for Pet Health.

  • Restorative Health.

  • By fostering a sense of community in these states we participate in.

  • Education Initiatives for local doctors in our supporting regions.

  • Helping introduce investment opportunities to those seeking to invest in these regional communities.

  • Helping introduce National Brands to these localities.

  • The creation of Networking Opportunities.