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USCC Expo Launches New Website

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USCC Expo Launches New Website

New Website

USCC Expo Launches New Website

USCC Expo is proud excited to announce the launch of its new website. We’ve been working on not only a new website but also moved to a super fast dedicated server with our trade show partner MojoHost. When we launched the USCC Expo at the beginning of last year…the team quickly launched the new website so that we could speed to market.

This was good for getting us out in the public eye, however, USCC Expo had to sacrifice a lot of what would normally have done with respect to digital best practices to ensure the best possible outcome for our digital presence. 

The new website was architected to take each event we produce into account and to maximize each city and its connectivity to our hub site, or home page. Not to get too technical, we’ll explain how we deployed our new site for those who follow this stuff and enlighten those who would like to know how we approached it. 

It was first decided on an approach to USCC Expo’s architecture that allows for growing the site by event/city/region by creating a stacked site. This was accomplished by installing and developing a WordPress MU Install. The main site will always be there, and the team will build off of it as each new cities/regions are added on. This will allow the new site to grow at a regular pace while allowing the USCC team to foster content dedicated to both the city or region the show is going into…with a dedicated site all of its own.

You’ll not realize the difference as all the navigation will include the ability to see any of the old cities by year (especially if we go into a city year after year). So if you are an exhibitor or sponsor, your listed presence within the website will not go away (unless we change ticketing platforms in the future). 

The idea with this new website is to illustrate each city or regions commitment to supporting large-scale events such as USCC and our ensuring we provide a promotable, digital presence. USCC Expo is excited to get this new site launched. We’ve been in development for a number of months and ready to actively promote our upcoming shows. 

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Visit the USCC Expo home page by clicking here.

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