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Organic SEO for Cannabis Websites

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Organic SEO for Cannabis Websites

Organic SEO

Organic SEO for Cannabis and CBD Websites

Optimizing Your Website For Digital Success With Kangamurra Media

One of our digital marketing partners for USCC Expo is Kangamurra Media. Watch this to get an understanding of the importance of optimizing your website for optimal visibility and conversions.

What is Organic SEO? The easiest way to explain what organic SEO is, quite simply is your websites ability to rank highly in the search results for your most desired keywords. If done right, you can rank for not only your primary keywords but also secondary and tertiary keywords and phrases as well. This takes an understanding of solid white hat best practices.

You may not understand what white hat is, but if you know what black hat is…white hat should be obvious. Essentially, to get great organic SEO rankings you have to avoid using spam techniques when optimizing for particular keywords or phrases. 

To get the most from your SEO, all sponsors and exhibitors will receive a free website audit from Kangamurra Media.  They are one of our exclusive trade show partners.

Kangamurra Media’s own Frank Watson has been a Search Engine Optimization rock star for many years. He has worked with many fortune 500 companies and some of the most cutting edge technology sites to assist them in their SEO efforts.

What does an audit of your website usually entail? You can expect to see how a particular search engine ranks your website. You can also expect some guidance on how to improve the rankings for important search terms.

If you would like to receive your free website audit,

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