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One Of Our Motto’s

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One Of Our Motto’s

Help People in a Dispensary

One Of Our Motto’s

We like to say the train has left the building. You can be on it, in front of it, lord forbid, or behind it. However, you have a choice to be on the side of history that sees news of cannabis spread from every corner of the planet. Since you are here, we’d like to enlighten you to one of our motto’s. It’s something we consider cornerstone.

This industry can be dog eat dog and there are folks that say and loudly I might add…”Why would you work with so and so?”

Simply put, we came up with this motto many years ago that we wanted to work with people that weren’t rude, and arrogant, stuck on themselves and just plain arrogant. This conference is no different. As we began working with it, we quickly found there were people that felt they were G-d’s gift to the cannabis plant.

It had nothing to do with the end result or the patient and the outcome of their chronic illnesses. It was about them being the best.

One thing we won’t do is work with those people. Period. We’re drawing a line in the sand. If you are about you, and what you get out of your exploitation of your product or service…then move on. We aren’t the right fit for you. We are here to help people. Help educate our elected officials, our professional athletes, our clergy, our moms and dads…our children.

In the process, sure, you are entitled to make some money along the way. But if you are wanting to use the USCC to rape and pillage the industry, you have come to the wrong place. Cannabis Business Conferences are meant to find other solid business people to collaborate with to help people. When you do the right thing, money comes with it.

The reason why we wanted to share one of our motto’s with you is simple, we are advocates for social responsibility. It’s that simple. 

Our cheers to those who do it right, who want to make a positive difference with teaching the right people what they need to know and to grow a healthy business in a booming new economy. Let’s do it right so those who want to prey on the lesser of us, see their exit path sooner as opposed to later.

Keep an eye out here as we grow our reach to new and emerging markets to work with good, solid people to help the industry grow in the most positive and sustainable way that we can all be proud of. Now you know what one of our motto’s is, why not adopt it yourself. 

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