Learn about becoming a patient in Florida

Every day we choose whether or not to live with a chronic condition or not. Sometimes, we get to the point where enough is enough...but finding a solution can be most challenging. We also live in challenging times, where we have an opioid epidemic. There are questions about whether doctors are understanding the patients needs while balancing between treatment that is effective and appropriate versus that which leads to addiction. 

There is an alternative. The State of Florida passed a medical cannabis law for its residents. But what are the qualifications for becoming a patient? What are the methods of ingestion, which are aplenty. How is it dosed? Can I cook with it? What are cannabinoids and why does this matter to me? 

Treating your chronic condition is daunting. But learning about a safe alternative shouldn't be. That's why you should attend the USCC Expo in Miami this coming August 24th - 26th, 2018. You'll learn about all the things mentioned above and so much more, including information about the changing laws in Florida. Get more information by clicking here, or register now below. See you in Miami.