Cloverleaf University - Enhanced Training

Marijuana Industry 101-102

Shifting your Career into the MMJ Business - Entering the Cannabis Industry


Course Description: 

Are you looking for a job or career as an employee or business owner in the cannabis industry? Are you a business professional looking to shift your career into this multi-billion dollar industry? The Cannabis Business is estimated to be a Billion Dollars this year and growing. Find out how you can be a part of America's fastest growing industry.


  • Quickly identify the upcoming opportunities

  • Learn the industry’s legislative parameters

  • Learn the industry’s associated risks

  • Discover various industry business models

  • Learn the regulations necessary to work in a cannabis business

  • Learn how to be a viable competitor in the hiring process

  • Learn the operational infrastructure of the cannabis business  

  • Learn how to remain compliant with all necessary regulations

  • Learn how to appropriately scale into the sector

Discover the most important business fundamentals to get hired into the cannabis industry while maintaining agility.