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The U.S. Cannabis Conference & Expo is coming back to host the most exciting professional and educational medical cannabis conference the both the Southwest United States and the Southeast United States that the Cannabis industry has ever seen.  It’s what a Cannabis Expo should be.

A business-to-business event bringing together experts from the local, regional and national cannabis industry to network and share the latest industry information is an event where individuals interested in the industry can learn more from these industry experts.  Last year was just the introduction in Florida, our goal this year is to be even bigger and better. A Cannabis Expo to remember.

USCC Expo will be an electric environment for industry members, entrepreneurs, local leaders, companies, job seekers and curious individuals come to learn about the rapidly expanding cannabis industry and our changing culture.

If you plan on attending a Cannabis Expo, a few tips to help you maximize your time at the event. Make sure you bring business cards. You’d be surprised how many people forget to bring business cards to a Cannabis Expo thinking, its a weed event. “They’ll think I’m corny for bringing these.”

Truth be told if you don’t bring them, they’ll think you aren’t prepared. Make sure you use either a note pad or the notes app in your phone to take notes about who you meet and what you see or the things that jump out at you that you know you want to take home with you to research further. Networking. Make sure you take advantage of any networking events at a Cannabis Expo because you’ll want to make as many connections as possible.

Attendees will hear from speakers to not only educate but to inspire, not just showcase their businesses. As always USCC Expo will create a highly professional environment where the outlines for the future of cannabis will take shape.  The Cannabis Expo includes seminars from top industry leaders and an exhibit hall filled with businesses showcasing industry related products and services. 

We personally look forward to your participation in this groundbreaking event. Come take a look at the future…the all new U.S. Cannabis Expo. 

Also, visit our home page for links to all things USCC Expo.  Check out our post about our new site here.


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