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Advanced Cultivation Training

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Advanced cultivation training at uscc expo miami

We support education in as many ways as we can. At this upcoming show in Miami, any attendee who purchases a pass for this Advanced Cultivation Training will receive 1 FREE weekend expo pass.

Just what will I be learning in this training?

Dive into the world of growing cannabis. Whether you are a home grower, or business looking to scale your growing operations this course is for you. Our 6-hour intensive course explains cutting edge technologies, and new growing methodologies to help set you apart. Leave with the tools that will give you an edge on Aquaponics, Aeroponics, Hydroponics, Soil, Micropropagation/Tissue Culture, and Lighting. 
Micropropagation/Tissue Culture

This method may seem mysterious, and impossible to perform but it really isn’t. With a thirst for knowledge, and a clean space you really can start your own cannabis tissue cultures.


What is aquaponics? It is a little more complicated than going to your local pet store and buying 50 goldfish. We start with the basics and give you the tools to see if going aquaponic for your cannabis growing is best for you.


There are many types of hydroponics systems on the market, but what is right for your cannabis grow? Explore the different hydroponic methods, and gain the knowledge of how to build and scale to your needs.


Bombarded by different types of lighting, and don’t know which one to choose? Gather insights on new lighting technologies and the effects of these on production for your cannabis plants.

Advanced Training Day

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