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The United Stated Cannabis Conference & Expo STaff

The team that works with you to help you get the most out of your experiene with the USCC Expo. We’re here to help in anyway way we can.

Daron Babin


Brandy Shapiro


Jenn Gray

Head of Strategic Partnerships

Lars “Bear” Prandelli

Photo / Video

Cody “Wulf” Prandelli

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Nick Maresca

Director of Community Relations

Charlotte Park

Social Media / Marketing

Baylie Depp

Social Media / Marketing

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New Website

USCC Expo Launches New Website

USCC Expo Launches New Website USCC Expo is proud excited to announce the launch of its new website. We’ve been working on not only a new website but also moved[…]

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Help People in a Dispensary

The USCC Expo Launches New Website

Cannabis news never stops these days. We like to say the train has left the building. You can be on it, in front of it, lord forbid, or behind it.[…]

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